Selamat datang viewers and our potential customers!

untuk kali pertama ini, kami persembahkan koleksi beg (terpakai) yang cantek & menarek untuk tatapan anda semua.

And for the next collection, we will do our best to bring the rare and classic design of bags (again!), belts and clothes.. So guys, stay tuned..... =)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tribal Cardi with gold Button

free size

it look like this
Sold: Tiffany

Saturday, July 14, 2012

60's Midi Dress

Actual colour
Pastel deep Blue

Ukur Lilit
Waist : 38'inch 
Bust: 40'inch
Length:  41'inch (from shoulder)

Actual colour

Pastel Grey
Waist : 38'inch (stretch measurement ) 
Bust: 34'Inch
Length: 40'inch

Actual Colour

Soft Yellow
Waist: 32'inch (stretch measurement)
 Bust: 34'inch
Length: 40'inch

Actual colour

Grey polka dots
waist:34'inch (in stretch measurement)
Bust:  36'inch
Length: 40.4'inch